How to Play the Booking Points Bet

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How to Play the Booking Points Bet: Betting on Red and Yellow Cards Pays Off

With numerous betting options available from bookmakers, have you explored booking points bets yet?

This is a side bet but frequently featured on the betting boards of football matches, especially in high-profile tournaments.

The gameplay is intriguing, with attractive odds, making it a choice you shouldn't overlook, especially when seeking additional opportunities to profit from bookmakers.

What is the Booking Points Bet in Football?

Booking points are a side bet in football, meaning not every match offers this type of wager on bookmakers' boards.

The essence of this soccer tips vip is to use the number of yellow and red cards that both teams receive in a match as the basis for setting the bet.

However, it's not simply about counting the total number of cards but converting them into points. In football, different fouls result in different card types: yellow and red cards.

According to convention, a yellow card is worth 1 point, while a red card is worth 2 points.

How are Booking Points Calculated?

If you're familiar with bets related to goals scored, this should be straightforward.

For booking points bets, understanding how these bets are calculated and general rules is essential:

Booking points only count the cards shown to players actively playing on the field.

Cards shown to substitutes or coaching staff are not counted.

Booking points are only tallied during the 90 minutes of regular play, including stoppage time. Cards shown in extra time, penalty shootouts, or halftime breaks are not counted.

If betting on total booking points, total red or yellow cards, etc., it's quite straightforward. Bettors simply look at the betting board and make their decisions.

Types of Popular Booking Points Bets

Apart from the points calculation explained above, here are some popular types of booking points bets:

European Booking Points Bet (1X2): This bet uses the total booking points each team accumulates during the official 90 minutes to determine the outcome. The team with more points wins the booking points bet. If both teams have the same points, it's considered a draw.

Handicap Booking Points Bet: Similar to 1X2, but with a handicap. The sportsbook offers a points handicap, and the result of the booking points bet is calculated based on each team's total points adjusted by the handicap.

Over/Under Booking Points Bet (O/U): This bet uses a set line for the total booking points by both teams. Bettors free football tips whether the actual booking points in the match will be higher (Over) or lower (Under) than the sportsbook's line.

Odd/Even Booking Points Bet: This bet uses the total booking points (not the number of cards) from both teams to set the bet. Bettors choose whether the total points will be Odd or Even.

First Team to Receive a Booking: Predict which team will receive the first booking of the match, regardless of the card color. This bet is considered straightforward by many bettors due to various factors influencing the decision.

Last Team to Receive a Booking: Predict which team will receive the last booking before the referee blows the final whistle. This is relatively easy to predict based on current match situations.

Next Booking: Bet on which team will receive the next booking from the moment the bet is placed. This in-play bet adds excitement during the match.

Total Yellow Cards Bet: This bet focuses on the total number of yellow cards shown, without converting them into points. Bettors predict the total number of yellow cards both teams will receive in either the first half or the entire match. The sportsbook may offer this bet as Over/Under or exact number.

Total Red Cards Bet: Similar to the total yellow cards bet, but focuses on the total number of red cards shown during the match or specific period (first half or full match). This bet can also be offered as Over/Under or exact number.

How to Calculate Winnings for Booking Points Bets

For booking points bets, winnings are calculated using two formulas:

a) Formula 1: Used for 1X2, Odd/Even, First/Next/Last booking, and Total booking points bets.

Winnings: Bet amount × Odds of winning option (includes both initial stake and profit).

Loss: Bet amount.

b) Formula 2: Used for Asian Handicap booking points and Over/Under booking points.

For positive odds: Winnings = Bet amount × Odds of winning (profit only, no initial stake).

Loss: Bet amount.

For negative odds: Winnings: Bet amount.

Loss: Bet amount × Odds of losing.

Expert Strategies for Booking Points Bets

While it may seem challenging to predict, there are some key factors that can help bettors make informed decisions:

Fair Play Score of Both Teams: Fair play ratings assess how cleanly teams play. Higher fair play scores lean towards Under, while lower scores tend towards Over.

Previous Booking Records of Players: Knowing which players tend to receive cards or have disciplinary issues is crucial.

Nature of the Match: Matches where teams are not fierce rivals or where the stakes are lower tend to have fewer cards (Under). High-stakes matches or local derbies often result in more cards (Over).

Understanding the Referee: Referees have significant influence. Some are lenient, while others are quick to issue cards. Understanding their tendencies can guide premium soccer tips decisions.

National Football Styles: Each nation's football style affects the likelihood of bookings. For instance, Italian teams may play more tactically and receive fewer cards compared to English or French teams, which often play faster-paced, physical football.


Booking points bets, though secondary, can bring substantial rewards if bettors can read and predict accurately.

Therefore, the advice for bettors is to practice, learn, and make well-informed decisions before betting. Keeping bets within a reasonable investment ensures a better chance of winning.

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