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Once the link with the potential customer has been established, it is necessary to convert him, that is, eliminate the adjective potential and make him a customer, therefore willing to purchase our service or product. At the basis of everything we must place knowledge of our target, of the people we want to make customers. Specific, correct and relevant techniques must be applied. From this point of view, knowing the buyer persona is important, but the reference sector is also important. So how do we behave in the industrial sector? What aspects should be considered to develop an effective inbound marketing strategy? [AML]-quote-quotes- If we judged the success of a marketing strategy solely. 

On the basis of sales concluded in the short term, we would end up giving up too soon. Inbound-industrial-quotes Word of mouth the classic word of seo expater bangladesh ltd mouth Although times have changed, people's behaviors still have many similarities to those of the past. Let's not underestimate the power that word of mouth can have in achieving a higher volume of conversions. In marketing it is known as word of mouth, the literal translation of word of mouth. Obviously we are no longer referring to those you meet in the square, but to those who review and evaluate on the web. 

Magazines and digital pages Here too we are faced with a natural evolution. If once upon a time we mainly focused on specialized paper publications, purchasing space to fill with the brand and short slogans, today we must not focus on the advert but on the content. Behind the image we put on social media, on guest sites or in online magazines in the sector, there must be an answer to the precise need that our potential customer may have. We never deceive the lead, we present our service or product to him in a clear and precise way, positioning ourselves as those who are able to help him and respond to him. 

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